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February 2017 Update

Posted 28 Feb 2017 — by nick
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Hello friends below you should find our update letter for February 2017.

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October 2014 Update

Posted 23 Oct 2014 — by nick
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Hello friends below you should find our update letter for October 2014.

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August 2014 Update

Posted 03 Sep 2014 — by nick
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Hello friends below you should find our update letter for August 2014.

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Palm Sunday: Jesus Triumphant Entry

Posted 17 Mar 2008 — by nick
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“Happy Palm Sunday!”

That’s how Josh Wondra greeted me this morning as I stirred from sleep and trudged to the couch with my coffee.

Palm Sunday, it’s been on my mind all day – thinking about the beginning of Holy Week. About Jesus riding in to Jerusalem on a donkey, his followers laying cloaks and branches before him and singing praises.

They brought the donkey and the colt, placed their cloaks on them, and Jesus sat on them. A very large crowd spread their cloaks on the road, while others cut branches from the trees and spread them on the road. The crowds that went ahead of him and those that followed shouted,
“Hosanna to the Son of David!”
“Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”
“Hosanna in the highest!”
Matthew 19:7-9

I’ve decided, as in years past, to reflect on the Easter Story throughout the week. This time I plan to save the Resurrection accounts until Sunday and focus on the events that transpired the days before the Crucifixion. Today I studied the Jesus Triumphant Entry, tomorrow I’ll look at Matthew’s account of the events.

My hope and prayer for you all: That you’d find time to stop and reflect, meditate on the Easter Story and let God draw your heart more to Him and respond in praise. After all He replied “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.

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PS: The picture for this post is one claiming to be of the gate at Jerusalem Jesus is said to have entered on the first Palm Sunday.

The passage of time

Posted 19 Feb 2008 — by nick
Category coffee, Creation, Fun, Technology

EDIT: Me apologies and deep embarrassment for the inaccuracy of the original post, my Calculus skills are a little rusty these days. This should be correct now as well as including a caffeine variable.

Some days the time seems to pass with exceptional quickness, others with exceptional slowness. Today happens to be one of the latter.

I’m sure the slowness of time relates to how much I’m accomplishing and/or my enjoyment of the time. Maybe something in the form of this:Assuming this as true and that Schrödinger’s Cat lol’d… we’d find the rate at which time passes by a good ol’ derivative WRT time.Thus we see if no accomplishments are made the passage of time is merely constant, however should there be accomplishments made and their enjoyment be negative, time will appear to slow. Conversely when an accomplishment is enjoyed time would appear to move faster and when more caffeine is involved time speeds up.

This might explain why 8 hours at work can pass so slow, but how 8 hours at home can pass so quickly – also why the last 40 minutes I’ve spend working on this post has passed by so quickly. Leading me to conclude, I must accomplish less at work to quicken the rate time passes (assuming it’s a negative enjoyment factor of course).

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Blog Samples: Jesus

Posted 04 Feb 2008 — by nick
Category Blogs, coffee, Jesus, Scripture, Social Justice, Spirituality

Thanks to Ben for sharing this post on google reader. Its from Jesus the radical pastor, John W. Frye’s blog. Reading this I felt convicted as I sipped on my Morning Blend Starbucks coffee. I resonate with John here, I don’t think Jesus would like me much, nor I Him. Much has been given me, what am I doing with it?

Would the Radical Jesus Like You?
“In the Gospels I usually identify with all the people Jesus serves. I think that he both liked and loved them. But if I am honest, I should see myself in those groups that didn’t like Jesus and I don’t think he liked them very much, either.”

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More Caffeinated Fun

Posted 17 Jan 2008 — by nick
Category coffee, Fun, Jesus, Technology

“This is like turning water into wine!”
~ Josh, my officemate while making our morning pot of coffee.

Strange, I’m actually sort of proud of the fact that I ranked so high in this quiz. I understand my dependancy on the bean juice and I can quit at anytime… really I can, but why would I want to do that :-)?

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Biblical Wisdom About Vegetarianism

Posted 15 Jan 2008 — by nick
Category coffee, Jesus, Scripture, Spirituality

This morning I consumed my morning cup of Liquid Holy Spirit at the Espresso Royal Cathedral on Goodwin. As it gave new life to my body I turned my attention to my Bible sitting next to me. Thumbing to today’s chapter in Proverbs I read the following:

“A bowl of vegetables with someone you love
is better than steak with someone you hate.”
Proverbs 15:17

So there you have it straight from the Word of the Lord. Come share a bowl of vegetables with me instead of the steak you hate… or I mean with someone you hate 😛

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"We gotta have bean juice!"

Posted 03 Dec 2007 — by nick
Category coffee, Friends, Fun

“bring me the bean juice, I’ve been a good boy, bring me bean juice!”

As Chris and I chatted this morning we came to a realization that coffee must only have half the usual amount of caffeine on Mondays; thus twice the usual needs consuming. Our conversation reminded me of this e-greeting card:

(click on the image to go to the card
make sure you move the pot around and listen)

Getting Cold Again or What I like about Winter

Posted 15 Nov 2007 — by nick
Category coffee, Fun, music, Winter

As I type my weather widget tells me the outside air has reached an almost tropical 41° today. A couple weeks ago I pulled out my jackets and sweaters from storage – I saw this coming, I’m still not ready for it.

I decided to make a list of a couple of things I am excited about now that it’s cold in an effort to better ready myself for the long winter. An exhaustive list this is not – it serves the point though.

Things I like about the Cold:

  1. Wool socks – Preferred Smartwool of course, although others will do.
  2. Warm drinks – Ok so this one is year round with coffee, but now I look less like a junkie. This includes coffee, tea, hot chocolate, chai and occasionally cider.
  3. Jazz music – Something about Jazz and the cold winter – the overcast skies, the barren trees, the way the night grows longer stealing away our days – just feels right.
  4. Cold Cheeks and Nose – The fresh cold air on your face feels good, as long as the rest of you stays warm (Amy pointed this out today).
  5. Snow – Beautiful, fun, white, essential for snowboarding

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