Pain and Healing

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Posted 03 Jun 2008 in Jesus, Ministry, Spirituality

A barefoot little boy runs across the dilapidated, weathered deck. The risks, while known from previous encounters, go un-calculated. Fragile brittle spears of wood lie awaiting to depart their harsh bite. One pierces his little foot, momentum frees the pointy-now lodged spear from it’s previous home. Slinking to the deck, the pain races up his leg, across his spine, reaching his brain and releases a wail and tears. He holds his foot and rocks as Dad frees him from the grips of the wood.

Inside they rush, up the stairs to the bathroom. Needle and tweezers in hand Dad gently and quickly begins surgery. The wailing continues and quickens as the boy squirms and begs his Dad to stop. Through sobs Dad continues to work, “It hurts, stop! No, leave it alone. Stop, Ouch!” The small spear is freed, the pain diminishes and eventually the sobs. Pain remains, though not as intense. The boy rests in his father’s arms as the last tears fall to Dad’s shirt.

Healing is painful. Whatever the form, emotional, physical, spiritual – pain. From my experience the decision we’re often faced with: Do I handle the pain now quickly in the short run, or Do I continue on as if nothing is wrong and deal with deeper, greater pain later. If Dad doesn’t remove the splinter infection sets in, lock-jaw becomes a risk. The pain lasts longer, grows more severe and dangerous.

Healing is a violent process, each of us has encountered our share of splinters. Are we willing to let Dad do surgery, or are we ignoring the pain, dulling it with time, just coping – all along infection is gripping us.

This is a topic that has found home in my heart these past years. One of my pastors recently spoke about healing and pain through relating a story about his son. It spoke powerfully to me. You can hear it here. As well a friend of mine spoke at one of our services this year on being a healer, he’s a counselor, so he has a unique perspective on the violent process of healing – having seen a lot of it. You can listen to his message here.

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