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Keepon Dancing – Don’t You Evah

Posted 30 May 2008 — by nick
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I owe props to Ben Chase for pointing this out a while back, but thought I’d take a chance and post something light and easy to get back into the swing of posting more regularly.

(Click on the image to watch the video on YouTube)

In the past year or so Spoon has launched themselves into my standard music rotation and proved worthy of being listed in my top ten list. They do a lot of fun and interesting things with beats, breaking your expectations and fun vocal stuff – allowing them to catch my ear and spark my interest. If you don’t have any of their albums, I’d suggest starting with their newest: Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. Check them out on iTunes or eMusic.

Current Favorite Spoon Tracks:
Don’t You Evah (Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga)
The Way We Get By (Kill the Moonlight)
Sister Jack (Gimme Fiction)
Finer Feelings (Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga)
Stay Don’t Go (Kill the Moonlight)

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Happy Birthday To You

Posted 29 May 2008 — by nick
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Today marks the anniversary of this beautiful woman’s birth. Happy Birthday Amy!

New Nooma – 020 Shells

Posted 19 May 2008 — by nick
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I haven’t posted in a great while, if any of you out there still read this blog, I’d like to apologize. Any explanation would simply sound like an excuse but I still feel the need. I’ve felt pretty exhausted lately, this usually happens this time of the year. The school year ending and ministry responsibilities are relieved, leaving me to nurse exhaustion and general wear. Along with the tiredness I find I have less to say – no doubt corresponding to having less time and energy to process and tend the garden of thoughts growing behind my eyes. The next months should provide for more opportunity to think and write and develop some teachings for the summer and fall. I welcome these opportunities.

For now I leave you with this:

(click on the picture to view the video on facebook)

The newest Nooma 020 Shells is posted on the Nooma facebook page for your viewing for the next 24 hours. Especially in light of what I just wrote, I found this Nooma to be challenging – I’m thankful the academic calendar allows for forced reevaluation of what you’ve said “Yes” and “No” to.

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