Campus, a challenge to faith

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Posted 10 Aug 2011 in Blogs, Jesus, Ministry, Spirituality

Often when I talk with folks about the work we do as missionaries on a college campus, I get this question:

“I hear today’s college campuses are really hostile to the Gospel, are you seeing that?”

I can only speak from my experience in the past 10 years at the University of Illinois, but certainly there has been a shift. The new atheists (as some have called them) have a strong voice, at times they’ve been hard to pick out against the hellfire and brimstone quad preachers of the past – both polar opposites, yet equally as hostile and alienating.

While I could go on and review many years of campus climate, I’ll let the words of James Emery White speak in this article. I believe they’re spot on.

I loved his conclusion:

“So this August, as you pack up your minivan or SUV to take your son or daughter off to college, give them one last word of advice. Not about binge drinking or safe sex, money management or proper nutrition. All well and good, to be sure.
Give them a word about their souls, and the importance of a grounded faith.
And then pray for them.”
James Emery White “Church & Culture Blog”


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