The Hobbit: Start of Production

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Posted 15 Apr 2011 in Fun, Movies, Spirituality

Some of you know I’m a huge nerd at heart. Tolkien’s epic stories of hobbits, magic and wizards were books I read early in my teenage youth and returned to several times. That was when it was still in the fantasy/nerdy genre. Along came Peter Jackson who brought to life the stories on the screen – introducing a whole new generation to them, distilling the stories for mainstream consumption.

These stories are deeply shaping and inspiring. Tolkien, at times, very thinly veils his faith in the stories. There are tales of sin enslaving creatures (Gollum), the shared burden carrying of community (the fellowship), the guiding priestly figure of Gandalf, etc.

My heart warmed and excitement jumped as I saw this video post today. Video production of The Hobbit has begun. Hooray!

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