The passage of time

Posted 19 Feb 2008 in coffee, Creation, Fun, Technology

EDIT: Me apologies and deep embarrassment for the inaccuracy of the original post, my Calculus skills are a little rusty these days. This should be correct now as well as including a caffeine variable.

Some days the time seems to pass with exceptional quickness, others with exceptional slowness. Today happens to be one of the latter.

I’m sure the slowness of time relates to how much I’m accomplishing and/or my enjoyment of the time. Maybe something in the form of this:Assuming this as true and that Schrödinger’s Cat lol’d… we’d find the rate at which time passes by a good ol’ derivative WRT time.Thus we see if no accomplishments are made the passage of time is merely constant, however should there be accomplishments made and their enjoyment be negative, time will appear to slow. Conversely when an accomplishment is enjoyed time would appear to move faster and when more caffeine is involved time speeds up.

This might explain why 8 hours at work can pass so slow, but how 8 hours at home can pass so quickly – also why the last 40 minutes I’ve spend working on this post has passed by so quickly. Leading me to conclude, I must accomplish less at work to quicken the rate time passes (assuming it’s a negative enjoyment factor of course).

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  1. Amy Van Nada

    Wow, your nerd points just skyrocketed.

    I knew what that equation meant at one point, about. . .oh, 6 years ago. And I knew it for about the time-span of roughly half a semester.

  2. Ben

    caffeine could get complicated. We’ll need to account for increased pleasure and energy vs increased antsy-ness and discomfort

  3. chris ridgeway

    I don’t recall being your friend.

    holy ridiculous.

    Prolly less ridiculous if I understood the equations.

  4. Amy Van Nada

    no Chris, still ridiculous.

  5. nick

    I’ve updated it to account for caffeine however I’m not totally in love with the modeling. I knew time needed to be not a first order linear representation, however I’m not sure a quadratic is accurate. Maybe more peace-wise or step function-ish. I agreed there seems to be a limit to productivity with caffeine do to pressure and antsy-ness. So maybe something more in the ln(t) nature. I don’t know…

    Thanks for the nerd points 😉

    Hi you remember me don’t you? We’re friends and you’re a nerd too.

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