The Moment of Disgust

Posted 26 Feb 2008 in Darkness, Jesus, Television, Videos

I hesitate to post this video. I found it painful and appalling.

Apparently The Moment of Truth is a current hit show on Fox. Arriving at work this morning some of my co-workers were talking about this episode from last night, I checked it out. After this clip Lauren goes on to answer that she has cheated on Frank, her husband of two years. The pain comes from imagining how cutting these revelations much be to Frank and how much he must be hurting, and also how trapped Lauren must have felt with the weight of her thoughts and actions. My eyes welled over as I saw this for the first time, I waited for Frank’s do the same.

Is this entertainment? Why is this on TV?

Maybe seeing other people’s pain and problems makes us feel better about the mess of our own lives, or maybe as a society we’ve gone the way of the Romans and the Colosseum and are completely desensitized to the violence and horror of our brokenness and extreme self-centeredness.

It bothers me that this is on TV. It disgusts me that this is considered entertainment. I think that’s a good thing.

Can it be more obvious that we and our world needs putting back together? This pulls my heart to follow Jesus all the more and strive to join Him in making things right.

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  1. Ben

    Uhg. You’re right. That’s disgusting. Why is this on TV? Why do people watch this? It’s like a train wreck. It’s dehumanizing.

  2. rachel

    I hadn’t seen this show until this episode the other night. Hope & I caught the tail end, but I can’t help but think it’s all fake. It doesn’t make it any more entertaining or help explain why people would watch it, though.

    The more I see things like this and talk to people at work who are living lost lives, the more I feel compelled to try to live a pure life and possibly be a lone voice of truth to them in their darkness.

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