Super Tuesday: Vote Today!

Posted 05 Feb 2008 in News, Social Justice

Just a quick and friendly reminder that today is Super Tuesday, so if your state is holding it’s primary today, go vote. I’m not an expert on all this stuff – voter registration, the primaries, elections – but I do know I get to voice my choice for potential presidential candidates for the upcoming election today and I did so this morning.

If nothing else, they give you a sticker. Would be nice to get a sucker too, but oh well.

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  1. Amy Van Nada

    Crap! I totally forgot this was THIS week. I refuse to vote if I’m not informed. Looks like I’ll be waiting for the final one and hoping that intelligent people go out and vote this time around. :-/

  2. nick

    I didn’t feel incredibly informed in my choices today, but I don’t feel I was irresponsible either. I will definitely be listening a lot more closely to what is said in the coming months as we march toward the election.

  3. Ben

    hah, they should definitely give out suckers.

  4. Jeffrey Spencer
  5. Lisa Modzryksjewstrylzrykzski

    I’m so ashamed.. I didn’t vote 🙁
    It just was a crappy day to try to figure out where I was supposed to go…

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