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Podcasts: Faith Swapping

Posted 27 Feb 2008 — by nick
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NPR Story of the Day is one of the podcasts I keep up with on a regular basis. Embarrassing as it is to admit, often times it is the ONLY news input I get in a day.

Particularly interesting to me was today’s story: “Religion Survey Find Many American’s Swap Faiths.” The segment is short, less than 4 minutes and worth listening to, but if you’d rather read it you can find the transcript here and the results of the survey here.

Since I’m short on time I don’t have the ability to get into much depth on this, but I think it reinforces something we see in college ministry all the time and a trend I’ve seen in my family. Children choosing a different flavor of Christianity from their parents, happened with my Dad and his parents and my brother and I with our parents.

The Moment of Disgust

Posted 26 Feb 2008 — by nick
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I hesitate to post this video. I found it painful and appalling.

Apparently The Moment of Truth is a current hit show on Fox. Arriving at work this morning some of my co-workers were talking about this episode from last night, I checked it out. After this clip Lauren goes on to answer that she has cheated on Frank, her husband of two years. The pain comes from imagining how cutting these revelations much be to Frank and how much he must be hurting, and also how trapped Lauren must have felt with the weight of her thoughts and actions. My eyes welled over as I saw this for the first time, I waited for Frank’s do the same.

Is this entertainment? Why is this on TV?

Maybe seeing other people’s pain and problems makes us feel better about the mess of our own lives, or maybe as a society we’ve gone the way of the Romans and the Colosseum and are completely desensitized to the violence and horror of our brokenness and extreme self-centeredness.

It bothers me that this is on TV. It disgusts me that this is considered entertainment. I think that’s a good thing.

Can it be more obvious that we and our world needs putting back together? This pulls my heart to follow Jesus all the more and strive to join Him in making things right.

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Once: Best Original Song

Posted 25 Feb 2008 — by nick
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I confess I didn’t watch the Oscar‘s last night, I’m not in the habit of sitting through all the celebrity and celebration – though I do enjoy hearing what films were nominated and what films won. And I am a sucker for olive branches on a movie cover or “academy award nominee” when deciding what to watch.

Readers will remember I posted not long ago about a movie I really enjoyed Once.

It was nominated for and won Best Original Song last night for “Falling Slowly” It really makes me happy to see great art noticed and rewarded and such a hopeful story of struggling independent musicians to be recognized and gain some success. I still highly recommend the soundtrack.

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The passage of time

Posted 19 Feb 2008 — by nick
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EDIT: Me apologies and deep embarrassment for the inaccuracy of the original post, my Calculus skills are a little rusty these days. This should be correct now as well as including a caffeine variable.

Some days the time seems to pass with exceptional quickness, others with exceptional slowness. Today happens to be one of the latter.

I’m sure the slowness of time relates to how much I’m accomplishing and/or my enjoyment of the time. Maybe something in the form of this:Assuming this as true and that Schrödinger’s Cat lol’d… we’d find the rate at which time passes by a good ol’ derivative WRT time.Thus we see if no accomplishments are made the passage of time is merely constant, however should there be accomplishments made and their enjoyment be negative, time will appear to slow. Conversely when an accomplishment is enjoyed time would appear to move faster and when more caffeine is involved time speeds up.

This might explain why 8 hours at work can pass so slow, but how 8 hours at home can pass so quickly – also why the last 40 minutes I’ve spend working on this post has passed by so quickly. Leading me to conclude, I must accomplish less at work to quicken the rate time passes (assuming it’s a negative enjoyment factor of course).

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Dost thou Pisseth Against the Wall?

Posted 10 Feb 2008 — by nick
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I usually avoid posting twice in one day since it can tend to cause posts to get lost as the noise floor of your daily input raises. This post will be brief:

I first saw this video on Walk The Razor, one of Noel Heikkinen‘s blogs and then later on Tall Skinny Kiwi. Can you say viral video?

I laugh when I watch this but later I find it just sad.

Scientology Protest

Posted 10 Feb 2008 — by nick
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Longtime friends of the Dawg Haus will remember we are located next-door to the Champaign branch of the Church of Scientology – a fact several folks have found humorous. Recently this group has found it’s way into the news and not on such great terms. There is the Tom Cruise viral video, the Anonymous response video, DDoS on Scientology’s website, and today a worldwide organized protest.

Camped out on our front couches, some of us dawgs grabbed our morning coffee and breakfast and became spectators of the event unfolding next-door.

We have a civil and cordial relationship with our neighbors – none of us would agree with their beliefs but we see them as human beings deserving of love and respect regardless of how misguided they may be. It’s this fact that makes me uneasy about the protest. I’ve been thinking a lot this year about how effective protesting is (part in reference to the call of Christians to boycott The Golden Compass and further with this protest though it’s not officially religiously affiliated).

Do signs, shouting, and name calling do more than cause the targeted group to bunker down and solidify further in their beliefs?

I’m not saying these protesters are hoping to persuade the scientologist, I’m just questioning if it’s affective at persuading those passing by. My hunch is not and thus I conclude they’re just creating a stand-off between themselves and those inside the “church” each side growing in their belief in the other being wrong and growing in dislike.

What do you think?

(PS: A very few more photo’s can be found on my picasa account. I didn’t take many.)

Super Tuesday: Vote Today!

Posted 05 Feb 2008 — by nick
Category News, Social Justice

Just a quick and friendly reminder that today is Super Tuesday, so if your state is holding it’s primary today, go vote. I’m not an expert on all this stuff – voter registration, the primaries, elections – but I do know I get to voice my choice for potential presidential candidates for the upcoming election today and I did so this morning.

If nothing else, they give you a sticker. Would be nice to get a sucker too, but oh well.

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Blog Samples: Jesus

Posted 04 Feb 2008 — by nick
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Thanks to Ben for sharing this post on google reader. Its from Jesus the radical pastor, John W. Frye’s blog. Reading this I felt convicted as I sipped on my Morning Blend Starbucks coffee. I resonate with John here, I don’t think Jesus would like me much, nor I Him. Much has been given me, what am I doing with it?

Would the Radical Jesus Like You?
“In the Gospels I usually identify with all the people Jesus serves. I think that he both liked and loved them. But if I am honest, I should see myself in those groups that didn’t like Jesus and I don’t think he liked them very much, either.”

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