Photos: Icy Night

Posted 21 Jan 2008 in Creation, Fun, Photos, Winter

Amy and I took a couple quick shots of the Abbot cooling towers tonight. The cold weather has left them, as well as their surroundings, entombed in ice. I’ll do some editing of the shots and post them up on picasa but for now, here is one that didn’t need much editing:

(I upped the contrast a tad and the exposure a smidge)


  1. Lisa Modzryksjewstrylzrykzski

    Hey Nick! Just thought I’d check out this blog thingy 😉 Have you been snowboarding recently? We’re going with the Sr. High group in a couple weeks – can’t wait!

  2. nick

    Hey, glad you found my blog.

    I actually was out in Colorado for a snowboarding trip a couple weeks back. I spent 4 days snowboarding in Steamboat Springs, CO. It was great! I posted some pictures on facebook from the trip and there are more here on my picasaweb albums.

    Have fun wit hthe Sr. High kids. Where are you guys going?

  3. Lisa Modzryksjewstrylzrykzski

    OH that’s right, I knew that you went to Colorado – just slipped my mind.

    I think we’re just going to Cascade, but it’ll be a good time – as long as it doesn’t get too much warmer! It’s pretty toasty here today, things are getting pretty muddy.

    I have a blog now too!

    What else is new?

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