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Posted 06 Jan 2008 in Uncategorized

It sure has been quiet around here lately. The past couple weeks have found me returning to Champaign only to head to Indianapolis for GCM‘s Ignite Conference, then back to Champaign for New Year’s only to head to Steamboat, CO for a week long snowboarding trip.

This last stop is where you currently can find me. Internet connectivity isn’t the greatest and I’m spending my days on the mountainside followed by long nights of sleep to recover. It’s been quite the adventure: getting out here, riding this mountain and sharing an amazing condo with some friends. Maybe it’s all the travel in recent weeks or maybe it’s being an introvert with not a lot of personal space on this trip, but I’m beginning to miss home. I miss the Dawg Haus, my roommates, my room, even my office at work and of course, The Girl.

The trip is nearing the end – we have one day of lift tickets left and then the long drive home which we plan to do as a straight shot, Steamboat, CO to Champaign, IL. I’m sure when life returns to normal I’ll begin posting more regularly, but until then I leave you with one of the many pictures I’ve taken thus far.

(We spent yesterday riding through trees in waist deep powder, it was amazing!)

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