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Posted 15 May 2007 in Fun, music, Poetry

When I have nothing better to post about I decide to post on albums that are getting lots of playtime. The time is such.

Eyes Open by Snow Patrol
I continue to find it surprising that I’m listening to this first album so much – surprising because I might label it more mainstream-pop-music-ish than anything else I typically listen too. Maybe it’s the melancholy that has been visiting me for quite sometime now. Maybe it’s the brit-pop-rock. Maybe it’s the foot tapping bass beat. Or just the way it sounds blasting in my VW. I have enjoyed the composition of this album – one song flowing into the next, telling the over dramatic story of love desired and love lost. With lines that shock my heart into worship, lines like “I need your grace, to remind me, to find my own”

Favorite Tracks: Chasing Cars, Open Your Eyes

The Ringing Bell by Derek Webb
Derek continues to stir up controversy and break the Christian Music mold with politically provocative songs like “A Savior On Capitol Hill”. “Come on D.C. if it be thy will, because we’ve never had a savior on capitol hill” The electric/rock feel of the CD is reminiscent of Mockingbird, with subtle breaks where he reverts to an almost early Caedmon’s guitar and vocals feel lamenting about love, grace and God. The album runs a thoughtful, lyricful packed 30 minutes, leaving me wishing for more. Well worth the money. If you have the graphic novel and would be willing to loan it out… I’d love you.

Favorite Tracks: I Don’t Want to Fight, This Too Shall Be Made Right
Bonus: check out and both Derek related projects.

Oh yeah and if you’re a Wilco fan, Go buy their new album right now. I’m holding off on reviewing it until I’ve listened through it a couple times.

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