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Posted 25 Jan 2007 in Blogs, Books

Numerous times in past weeks I’ve sat to write and nothing comes out. I have all kinds of ideas and thoughts – just getting them out has proved a challenge. Agonizing over word choice and worrying about perfection plagues my heart and sends me running to other things, mostly reading other blogs. So today I thought I’d attempt to write but simply a post highlighting a wonderful post from Scott McKnight on Jesus Creed

The Art of Conversation 3
“Third, a good conversation operates on the basis of frequently-unexpressed but nearly always assumed, shared assumptions. I find this to be a regular hang-up on the blog. Many of us operate with a set of assumptions — and it would be fun to bring to expression what these really are — but we don’t talk about them. When someone violates them, we raise our eyebrows or start to wiggle our fingers and maybe even break into a sweat.”

Scott McKnight has authored many books and blogs on a regular basis. This blog holds a place in my regular/daily blog intake.

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