Refreshing, Thoughtful, Beautiful

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Posted 02 Oct 2006 in music

A couple of my good friends suggested I checkout this new band they had discovered – the weepies. To be honest I thought they had said ‘the Wheaties‘ at first and questioned their taste in music. Wheaties is a wonderful cereal but would make a horrible band name – that is unless you’re a starving neo-punk rawk enthusiestic 14 year old waiting to make it big and finally move out of your mom’s garage and minivan. Turns out they had really been saying ‘weepies’ not ‘Wheaties‘. Given the name I half expected a reawakening of my screamo days – the like of dashboard, saves the day, juliana theory. My ears were delighted to find something all-together new and simple, yet wonderful. Their crisp, clear sound and unique vocals are soothing – often allowing me to spin the disc several times in a single day. I’d have to say my favorite track is ‘Gotta have you’ followed closely by ‘Nobody knows me at all.’ Check these guys out and pick up there CD on iTunes.


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